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Reports And Analysis In Live Chat



Learn and improve parts of your service by using reports and analytics available in LiveChat. These built-in features will help you trail the important chat. With Live Chat Agent, you can generate a plethora of reports utilizing the significant performance metrics and obtain insights into your customer service tasks.

Basic Activities

The basic form of the reporting module. This report gives you a summary of your customer service activities from the past seven days.

It is an incredible way to match up with the state of your customer service and gives you access to vital client benefit service metrics about your chats and tickets.

Daily Summary

Get day by day daily reports about your LiveChat activities straight into your email. A short daily summary will keep you updated about the number of served chats and will tell you their status if they went good or bad.

Chat Reports

Utilizing this report, you can gain more knowledge about the number of chats you had with your website visitors with Total no. of Chats.

Measure the customer satisfaction level through these reports. All ratings collected during chats are summed up and shown as a simple metric — thecustomer satisfaction level. The higher it is, the better your customer service.

Responses times statistics depends on the speed of your response. The report monitors two metrics: the speed of your moderate first response in a chat and the average speed of all your responses in a conversation.

See when your agents were available for chats under agent activity during a particular day. The report monitors agents statuses and shows a graphical representation of their activity.

Your pre-chat and post-chat surveys are saved in the chat surveys report. The report will show you how frequently a specific response was preferred by your customers.

Reports through API

LiveChat’s API is utilized to extract reports without even using the application. This will enable you to form your own custom analytics by sustaining LiveChat data directly to your framework.

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The development of discount travel agencies and automated ticketing websites over a couple of years have drastically increased the competition in the travel industry. Live chat is the website tool that lifts your travel agency above the competition with live sales and exceptional customer service. It’s the standout feature that will influence your website visitors to pick you over your competitors.



Live Chat not only allows agents to make friendly, personable relationship with each and every visitor to the agency website but also provides immediate assistance to the client that needs to make last-minute improvements in travel arrangements, or the visitor that needs to do a flight booking instantly and doesn’t have time to wait for an email response.

It can make your website visitors feel as though they have passed through those glass doors of your agency.

Live Chat on your website projects the picture that your company is customer service oriented and shows people that a real person will be available to assist them if they are in need of customer support.




Giving Instant answers or any information more quickly and efficiently with Live Chat in comparison over the phone.

Share Travel Maps and Pictures of the destinations, hotel accommodations of your website with the visitors during the chat session.

Agents can do multitasking. one agent may assist several online visitors in the meantime, which decreases customer hold times.

Live chat is cost-effective for travel agencies of all sizes. Instant online support means that customers no longer need to be put on hold and get the attention they require in between peak business hours.

When your visitors inquire about the travel fees, you don’t have to write the same reaction again and again.

LiveChat enables you to save responses to commonly asked questions about the offer and send them with a couple of keystrokes. Your visitors will appreciate the quickness of your response and service.

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Security With Live Chat



Sheltered your data with Live Chat. Every association with Live Chat is encrypted. Regardless if it’s the agent logging in or a visitor initiating a chat, the traded information is always secure. As an administrator, you can utilize various security settings to protect your operations.

Double Encryption-




Live Chat Agent’s double layer encryption guarantees the security and quality restoration of your data in traverse and in the rest state. This is applicable both for agents utilizing the application and clients utilizing the chat window on your website.

Data Obfuscation-

Algorithm camouflage number strings in a chat transcript. Delicate information like social security numbers, credit cards, and other individual numeric information is disguised, keeping uninvited eyes away from viewing number strings. In case, you don’t want any payment information to be processed via Live Chat, you can block credit card numbers from appearing in the application.

Live Chat recognizes when a client enters his or her credit card information, for example, it’s number and can mask it if you want. Just the last couple of digits will be disclosed for identification purposes. At the point, where credit card masking is validated, the numbers will likewise be unseen in the chat archives.

Data Confinement/Data Deletion-

Securely deal with the storage and cleansing of chat information. Administrators can conceal the information from view for a predefined measure of time before completely erasing it, or naturally erase all the data on a selected timetable.

Access Restriction-



To guarantee that your agents sign in to the application just on secure machines, you can restrain the entrance to your LiveChat to a choose pool of IP addresses. This assures that agents only utilize gadgets that have been suitably anchored.

This serves as an extra safety measure that will shield undesirable logging into your LiveChat, regardless of whether they some way or another, they get the credentials of one of your agents.

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Most of your customers still prefer dropping an email to get in touch with you due to the ease of using this medium of communication. You can leverage this medium to boost the customer satisfaction level and hence inflate your business’s profits. Read on to know how.

Start by greeting your customer:

Most of the customer service emails read like telegraphs. It sounds robotic and may make your customers feel that you do not value them. So, it’s advisable to start your email with a hearty greeting instead of going straight to business. A greeting can actually set up the tone of your mail.

Use a detailed subject line:

Use a subject line that is informative. For instance, if you are replying to a customer query regarding a particular product, specify it in the subject itself.

Mention the customer’s name:

You can personalize the email further by addressing your customer by his/her name. It makes you sound more polite, hence making the customer feel happy and valued.

Show your gratitude:

No matter what the customer has contacted you for. No matter, how rude they have been in their email, you should never skip thanking them for contacting you. A positive attitude is all that matters in customer service. Rather than taking a complaint in a negative manner, you can actually leverage it to determine the pain points of your customers and further improve your customer service.

Rephrase what your customer said:

This is a good way of showing that you are actually concerned about your customer’s issue. So, consider summarizing the current situation so as to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. You can also ask for confirmation regarding customer’s situation so as to avoid any miscommunication.

Empathize and provide a solution:

Next, to that, you are supposed to do is show empathy towards that customer through your email. Take the responsibility for the inconvenience caused and then provide concise instructions on resolving the problem.

Close in an appropriate manner:

End up the email in an appropriate manner. Add a bit of professionalism to the climax asking the customer to reach out to you in the case of further queries. Lastly, don’t forget to wish a good day.

Keep these tips in mind while you are writing a customer service mail and you’ll surely end up writing the best and the most profitable ones.


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A pre-chat survey is a set of short questions that is devised to increase the customers’ convenience through live chat assistance. It is a way of catalyzing the query resolution process and provide an exceptional customer experience. Here’s all that a pre-chat survey does for you:

Filters the website visitors:

Not all the website visitors are there to make a purchase on your site. Some of them may be browsing and others may be there comparing some products or services. So, how do you differentiate the serious buyers from the casual surfers? The answer is- Through a pre-chat survey. Serious buyers will actually go through the process of filling the survey, while the bullies will simply leave, thus, making it easy for you to filter them.

Simplifies customer management:

In addition to filtering serious buyers from bullies, a pre-chat survey also helps in customer management. However, that will require you to design such questions that can provide you the required as well as some additional information about the visitor. You can also add options that enable customers to select particular department they want to reach.

Improves first contact resolution:

You can easily route a customer to the desired department when you have a plethora of information about him/her. In other words, a pre-chat survey enables customer segmentation in the best possible manner. It further enables you to route them to the relevant operators, thus, increasing the chances of first contact resolution.

Boosts customer satisfaction:

A pre-chat survey takes your live chat assistance to a higher level with customer segmentation, chat routing and hastened query resolution. This tailored approach helps address all the customer concerns in real time. As a result, customer satisfaction levels are boosted like magic!

Have you put up a pre-chat survey on your website? If not, then hurry up!


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Providing technical support is an essential part of managing an IT-related company. Whether it’s computer hardware, software, mobile gadgets or anything in between.

Giving technical support to users takes persistence, knowledge, and extraordinary communication skills. Few tips on how you can utilize live chat for tech support while decreasing session times, client dissatisfaction and overall expenses.


Find the Problem

Ordinarily, customers will get in touch with you asking for help when they truly don’t know how to clarify the issue. All things considered, these kinds of support scenarios can be very frustrating for representatives.

To enable your customers to describe their issues sufficiently, use short basic sentences. Once you establish a timeline, keep making simple inquiries about the issue one at a time. They will enable you to navigate to the actual problem so you can enable the customer to resolve it.


Watch the Language

The last thing you need to do while giving tech support is to make the client feel insecure about his/her insights about your product or service.

Therefore, skip using jargon or technical terms until it’s totally vital. Virtually in all cases, use of simple language that is easy for the customer to understand, you will find that help sessions go much smoother and faster.

When providing customer’s support, additionally search for verbal queues he/she uses frequently during the conversation. Try to make the customer’s language your own to give better help and draw them on a more personal level.


Address All Questions

While providing customer support, he/she may have more than one query and it’s critical that you answer every last one. Never leave any query unanswered, disregarding of how unreasonable or irrelevant you think the query may be.

By any chance, if the customer makes a query that you cannot answer instantly, send a reply that you comprehend the question and are setting up the most suitable answer. If you cannot answer a question, seek for help from your team by transferring the chat to another representative or inviting an expert to join the chat.


The Power of Remote Desktop

When your company gives software or technical support, it can be problematic to help troubleshoot few issues based solely on depictions made by the customer.

For trouble to take care of programming or PC issues, couple of strategies are more effective than screen sharing or having the capacity to assume over the customer’s machine remotely.

Not all live chat applications bolster screen sharing, but the ones that do can help you provide world-class technical specifically from the chat console.


Avoid Multiple Sessions

After you encourage your customer or some issue has been resolved, don’t expect that you’re done with the support chat. Always quickly go through the issues again to ensure that the query has been solved.

Even after you’re sure that the issue has been resolved, ask the customer if he/she has any other issues that need to be addressed or has any extra queries. Provide all the solutions your customer needs in a single session if conceivable.


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How Live Chat Helps In Education Business?



Many educational academies around the globe are realizing the need for the provision of adequate online support service for their students. For instance, some institutes have gone a step further and have added Live Chat support on to their websites since they can get instant answers to their queries. Some of the benefits that educational institutions are getting through the use of Live Chat are mentioned below:

Growth In Enrollment- Future students and their parents will search for information about your school or institute. With live chat help, they feel welcomed and taken care of. It’s like offering a guidance hand right in your school’s hallway. Through multilingual chat, students throughout the world can get their queries resolved in a more powerful way by an online representative.

Build Strong Relationship With Students- Amid their school years, students and their parents will share a warm relationship with the school. You can maintain that relationship by offering fast and consistent guidance when students connect with you for help or information.

LiveChat enables you to chat with several students at the same moment and handle all cases on the spot. Tools like canned responses, file–sharing and CRM integrations will make your job much easier and less demanding for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Live Chat support saves time as compared to phone support or any other communication which eventually leads to reduced costs for the educational institutes.Through chat, a single operator has the ability to talk to multiple students at the same time as compared to support service on phone hence, reducing the cost and saves the time.

Be Organized

To fit LiveChat into your organization, you need to be organized. Divide your live chat into departments to ensure that the incoming chats reach the right individual.

Keeping Track Of Students

Few Live Chat support organizations offer a real-time monitoring system through which tracking the visitor’s interests on your website is easy. For educational institutes, this prompts a vastly improved understanding of the necessities and interests of the students coming to the website. Similarly, marketing and support strategies can be designed accordingly by the colleges or school to oblige the needs of the students in a proficient way.

Data At Hand

Having all the information regarding a student available in LiveChat, you can help them in a flash. You don’t need to extra inquiries or dig for data in other places.


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