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How to handle support tickets faster

A support ticketis commonly used in an organization’s customer support center to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues, or even issues reported by that organization’s other employees. Generally, staff receiving a query from a user would fill out a small card with the user’s details and a brief summary of the request and place it into a list of pending queries for an appropriate person. Support tickets are meant for the resolution of such queries that cannot be handled in a single attempt. Since, it eventually affects customer satisfaction, so, the entire process needs to be speedy. Here are some useful tips that can help speed up the entire process:

Offer self service:

This is one of the most effective strategy that helps handle support tickets faster. Offering self service to your customers can help empower them and makes it easy for them to find a resolution to common questions. For this you need to set up a searchable knowledge base. Further, answer a question one time and publish it to the knowledge base. Keep a track of the questions that you answer so that you do not have to answer them again.

Assign the task to an efficient agent:

Consider deligating the task of handling the support tickets to someone whom you find capable of dealing with the same. Avoid assigning such tasks to someone who is likely to pass the support tickets along. There are instances when the cases are too difficult and nobody is willing to take up the responsibility. In such cases, you can make it your priority to find a solution.

Shorten the entire process:

Shortening the support process is yet another way of handling support tickets in a faster manner. This can be done by making higher tiers more specialized. When you have specialized higher tunnels, the process of going through a generalist before being passed on to the specialist, is eliminated. Thus, certain issues can be funneled directly to specific customer service specialists for a faster resolution.


You can consider automating the workflow process. It not only eliminates the tedious parts of your job but also enables you to stay on top of incoming requests. Workflow automation ensures that the tickets are assigned to an appropriate person and notifications sent whenever a ticket becomes overdue. It decreases the chances of human error and hence speeds up the handling of support tickets.

Mention the required details properly:

It is necessary to include all the necessary information in the tickets so as to facilitate a faster handling of support tickets. Therefore, make it a point to clearly mention the address, phone numbers, order IDs, client IDs, and detailed issue so as to eliminate wasted back-and-forth communications.

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