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Let your customer support agents know they’re appreciated

“Salary” is enough for a person to work at a company. But no one would want to work at a company where their efforts go unnoticed, and they could be replaced in an instant. What makes the,m stick around and stay loyal to a company is the work environment provided to them. They would love to work at a place where they do not feel dejected and demotivated. Especially when it comes to customer support agents, employee appreciation is something that keeps the agents going despite a variety of customers they have to face everyday. Let’s have a look at the best strategies for making your customer support agents feel valued:

Face to face praise:

The very first strategy when it comes to employee appreciation is face-to-face praise. It is an efficacious way of making your customer support agents feel that their efforts are recognised. Some of the innovative ideas in that you can implement in order to make your employees feel valued are:

i) “Employee of the month”

ii) pep-talks

iii) accolades bonuses.

iv) bonuses.

Offer promotions:

As a matter of fact, when customer support agents regularly live upto your expectations or exceed them, they are probably serious about their career. This is the best time to offer rewards such as promotion to them. Consider finding out about their career plans provide them the best possible guidance.

Put up a social calendar:

You can consider thanking your whole staff by using an active social calendar which includes different departments or newer employees who have not had the chance to mingle. It also provides an opportunity to the front-line staff to socialize with management.

Keep in touch with your employees:

Being a boss or a member of management makes it important for you to guide your customer support agents’ career on the right track. This will help push their career in the upward direction as they will feel the zeal to deliver and perform. This will exempt the feeling of being demotivated and also help your company to grow.

Provide timely breaks:

Since handling various types of customers is a strenuous task, you need to ensure that the customer support agents are given timely breaks. Being a boss or a member of the management team, you are aware of the target based nature of their job, so, you can actually provide them with the necessary time-offs, half days, late starts and early finishes as perks. This can be a very economical reward system for your business.

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