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Provide real time convenience to your customers with live chat

It’s no brainer that the product quality alone cannot do wonders for a business today. Customer service is what needs to be taken care of in today’s era. Providing real-time convenience to the customers is what businesses should aim for today. The best way for providing this convenience is ‘live chat’. Here’s all that makes a live chat software that effective:


Live chat window is placed right on the product page of a website. So whenever the customers are scrolling through the page, going through a variety of products, they always have an option of initiating a chat in case of a query. A live chat button on the product page allows them to start a chat as soon as a query arises. Customers need not go to home page or about us page just to search for the contact information so as to reach out to the customer support team.

Instant query resolution:

Unlike the other communication channels like phone or email, customers do not have to wait for long times so as to get a response from the customer support time. Live chat feature when added to a website, ensures a 24x7x365 support to the customers. So, as soon as a customer gets stuck on a particular stage in the purchase process he/ she can hit the chat button and start a chat with a live chat agent. The agent can then solve the respective query and guide the customer through the entire process.


As a matter of fact, not all the customers are comfortable talking on a phone call. So, the presence of a live chat feature on the website provides a little anonymity. This further enables the otherwise hesitant customers to lay out their concerns in a proper manner. Once known, these concerns can then be properly studied by the live chat agent so as to provide the best possible solution.

Proactive chat:

This one is for the visitors who are neither comfortable with phone calls nor with live chat. In other words, for the visitors who would rather leave a site and go to some other just to avoid the contacting the company, proactive chat is the best solution. It’s more like a preventive measure for a website as it eliminates the chances of a visitor leaving the site. Here, the support agents monitor the visitors so as to see if they need help. When a visitor is found stuck on a page for a long time, a chat is initiated from agent’s end so as to make the visitor feel valued and resolve the respective query efficaciously.

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