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The most popular myths in customer service industry

Being a part of a lucrative market is beneficial as well as tricky at the same time. It’s often seen that people dealing in similar kind of work tend to follow some practices blindly. Also, these practices are not always the best ones but mere myths that need to be busted. Success lies in identifying these myths and not falling a prey to their consequences. Customer service is no different. There are a lot of myths related to this field that are blindly believed by the people dealing in it. Let’s have a look at some of these myths that have prevailed in customer service for quite a long time now:

 Great customer service is all about quick query resolution: 

Though a speedy problem resolution is desired by today’s impatient customers but more than that it’s about satisfaction. A quick action by the support agents is of no use if the outcome or the solution does not satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction comes from great communication and transparency. So, the best practice is to keep your customer in the loop and be honest with your communication. It’s obvious that all the customer queries cannot be resolved within fractions of seconds. Some unique problems may take a considerable amount of time to be resolved, so, it’s better to keep the customers informed and provide a satisfactory solution.

Customer comes first:

When you are a part of the customer service industry, you get to hear this frequently. Undoubtedly, the customers are valuable. So are the employees. So, instead of treating one better than the other, there needs to be a balance. As a matter of fact,  employees are the first market for the businesses. It’s advisable to invest equally in serving the team as well as the customers.

Social CRM is all about complaints:

This is not at all true. Social CRM is not only about the complaints. Instead it is about complete customer engagement. The customer service agents need to be updated with the latest trends and trained to address any type of inquiry. They should be capable enough to respond to product queries, marketing type messages and more.

Less complaints is better and more complaints is not:

In fact it is quite opposite. According to a research, 70-90% of customers don’t even come forward with their complaints. If a business receives less complaints, it simply means that it is operating in the dark and this can be harmful for its growth. Such a business should ensure the presence of convenient methods of placing complaints. Some of the examples include feedback forms, live chat etc. On the other hand, receiving more complaints is not a headache but an opportunity to improve further.

Now, that you know all these myths, be assured that you’ll never fall a prey to the age old misconceptions!

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