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Clever tips for effectively multitasking with live chat

Live chat is undoubtedly an untapped potential for the businesses around the globe. Of the many benefits that it provides, boosted agent efficiency is a considerable one which is possible due to multitasking. However multitasking may often put the agents under pressure and then it becomes more of a headache! It then requires employing a few clever strategies to combat such situations. Read on to discover the most effective ones:

 Set up a knowledge base:

One of the best methods of dealing with today’s impatient customers is empowering them. This can be done by enabling self service which further requires setting up a knowledge base and FAQ. You can further integrate it with your chat solution to make it easy for the customers as well as agents to find the required solutions.

Make use of shortcuts:

Training the chat agents and providing them with the best in class chat tools is of no use if they are not able to use them appropriately. So, make sure that all the chat agents know the chat tools inside out and have a good grasp of all of its features. Also, encourage the chat agents to use shortcuts so as to aid the typing speed. These shortcuts facilitate multitasking. In other words, it enables the agents to react faster when they have to switch between different chat windows, transfer the chats or accomplish other tasks simultaneously.

Leverage a robust ticketing system:

Nothing can be worse than making a customer wait! In a situation where a customer with some complicated issue approaches your agent via live chat, the agent should not spend too much time trying to solve it. He/she should rather create a ticket and inform the customer when their problem can be expected to be resolved. Hence, a ticketing solution effectively helps in moving on to other important tasks rather than sticking to one complex issue.

Make use of collaboration tools:

Load balancing is yet another way of initiating multitasking. In such situations, where the chat requests are more as compared to the agents, collaboration tools help handle the situation in the most effective manner. Using these tools, the busier chat agents can easily transfer some of their assigned chats to the agents who are less occupied.

That’s how multitasking can be used to gain the maximum benefits without it being a headache for your chat agents!

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