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Consolidate your mobile app for effective customer engagement

Creating a mobile app for your business is one thing and engaging customers through it is a completely different thing. Just an interesting idea will not help your app break through the noise of the app stores. According to a research most smartphone users have 40+ apps on their phones and it’s quite easy for your app to get vanished in a highly competitive marketplace. It takes a handful of strategies to make your app succeed in customer engagement.

Create an enticing app store listing:

As it is always said- First impression is the last impression. Why not make it the best? The very first time when a user engages with your app is in the app store. Strive to make it an effective one. Make use of feedback from testers so as to regularly look at featured apps.

Ensure a flawless performance:

If your app takes too long to load, the visitors tend to bounce out or rate it lower. So, it’s very important to evaluate the loading speed of your app and ensure a proper navigation to make the user experience error free.

Optimize the on-boarding process:

The on- boarding process should solely be focused on educating users about the benefits of your app. Make the entire process a seamless one by experimenting with different login options like email, social or even no login at all.

Leverage social media for customer engagement:

Social media, being the most powerful marketing tool today, can help boost your customer engagement endeavours like nothing else. Its one of the best customer engagement tactics as it can help the customers to share their app activity on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Allow the customers to be in control:

Right push messages at the right time can help in an effective customer engagement. On the other hand, untimely messaging or sending too many messages can simply irritate your customers. So, offer them the flexibility of opting-in and out at any point in time.

Be open to feedback:

Feedback, no matter positive or negative is a great way of customer engagement as it voices your customer’s opinion. Make it easy for the users to provide a feedback and leverage it to improve the app ratings.

Include personalization:

Yes! It’s possible to personalize your app! Allow your users to communicate their requirements and put forward their suggestions or complaints by offering a live chat service.


Make the most out of these strategies and boost your customer engagement endeavours right away!


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