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Live Chat And Emojis: A Perfect Match Or A Mismatch?

Remember those days when texts and chats used to be about plain text and punctuation? We’ve all been misunderstood by text at some point or the other due to the lack of expressions, isn’t it? Such words that could be polite when used in a face-to-face communication, used to seem boring in simple plain text. Anyways, times changed, texting saw numerous changes and in came those cute, vivacious and expressive yellow emojis that bridged the gap between texting and in person communication! Do you know these emojis have an important part to play in live chat support as well?



Now, you must be wondering- What would these emojis do in a live chat support?


Well, live chat and emoticons go hand in hand. Just like a picture says a thousand words, an emoji expresses the exact tone behind a text. In fact, emojis have become a valued tool in customer service as well as the marketing world today!


Wondering how? Read on!


Emojis make online conversations more human:

Though it’s an era of digital communications, people enjoy finding ways to make this communication more human. That’s what emojis do! They effortlessly echo the expressions and tone behind the texts and make the online chats more human.


Emojis create a positive live chat experience:

When used strategically, emojis can create a more positive experience. They effectively express empathy. In fact, according to a research, the live chat agents who use emojis in their chats are said to be rated higher as they can effortlessly connect with the visitors on an emotional level.


Emojis help build a rapport:

Live chat itself offers a personal experience and emojis work as an icing on the cake. Emoticons, when used at the right places at the right time, help build a rapport effectively.


So, emojis are undoubtedly the newest way of communicating and obviously a perfect match for the live chat support. Go on, encourage your chat agents to slay it with the power of emojis!


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