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What happens when customers know you offer a live chat service?

Customers are the main motivation behind every advancement that a business makes. That’s because a business cannot exist without customers. It’s imperative that businesses make every possible attempt to woo them! Of all the strategies used to dazzle the potential as well as existing customers, offering a live chat service is a prominent one. A lot is said and heard about live chat and its benefits for a business but ever wondered how customers actually feel about it?


You may make every possible attempt to make your live chat presence known on your website. You may design the coolest live chat button and make your service pop out effectively. But have you ever thought what actually happens after people know that you provide a live chat service?


Got no idea? Take a sneak peek into what all happens after you make your live chat service visible to the customers.

Enhances customer experience:

Once your customers know that they can opt for an anonymous way of communicating with the company, they tend to ditch the conventional communication channels like phone lines and company inboxes. This eradicates the need of customers waiting in the queue for unknown time periods. They get an instant response and do not have wait for a representative to get back to them. Eliminating any sort of dissatisfaction, it actually helps improve customer experience. 

Increases repeat customers:

Since live chat offers an enhanced customer experience, website visitors tend to return to your website whenever they require your help. This implies an increased traffic to your website and hence a higher rank in SERPs.

Helps generate more leads:

More traffic on your website means more opportunities for lead generation. This further increases the probability of higher conversions and boosted profits. 

Boosts advertisement exposure:

Website visitors may miss out on lead generating advertisements when they reach out to you through other communication channels. However, that’s not the case when they use online chat to reach out to you. Since, using live chat needs a visit to a business website, so, they can come across those advertisements on the website itself.


Now that you know all that a live chat service on your website can do, what are you waiting for?


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