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Lead generation with LinkedIn: You won't believe how easy it can be!

How important is lead generation for a business?


Okay, lets relate it to real life. How important is it for the humans to eat, drink or breathe to survive? Just like all of these activities are inevitable, lead generation is critical for a business’s survival!


That’s why businesses around the globe leave no stone unturned to generate and nurture leads. The most effective lead generation today, can be achieved through social media platforms especially LinkedIn. Here’s how it can be done effectively.


Optimize your LinkedIn profile:

The most important thing to be taken care of on any social media platform is your profile. So, ensure that you have put up a thorough profile of your business that is updated on a regular basis. This boosts your chances of being visible on search and further helps in an effective lead generation.

Leverage targeted discussion groups:

Talking about LinkedIn specifically, it has a number of targeted discussion groups for almost every niche. People interested in a particular niche come up with their queries here. Thereafter, niche specialists resolve these queries. That’s where you can establish yourself as an expert by sharing your expert knowledge for free and effectively generate leads.

Put up great content:

Great content is one of the best ways that help in effective lead generation. All you have to do is create industry-leading content and share it with your target audience. The content will not only educate them but will also help instil a sense of trust in them by establishing you as an expert in your niche.

Make use of upgraded features:

LinkedIn offers upgraded features such as InMail. This feature allows you to send messages directly to anyone with a LinkedIn account, irrespective of that person being or not being on your network. You can use visitor tracking tools to see who visited your website. Thereafter, you can approach these visitors using LinkedIn’s InMail feature for an effective lead generation.

Use LinkedIn app:

LinkedIn offers an amazing multi-platform, mobile application. You can simply connect with the people whom you meet in-person with this app. Moreover, you can instantly exchange contact information with other person using the same LinkedIn app.


So, ready to user LinkedIn for an amazing lead generation process?


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