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Self service: The ultimate customer empowerment tool in today's world!

Why self service?


That’s what the businesses unaware of the power of this amazing tool ask!


And the businesses that know its power? Well, they are just too busy leveraging the benefits. 


For the ones who do not realize how self service can benefit their business, here’s a small piece of information! Every business has a number of competitors and it’s really important to stand out from the crowd. In order to stay ahead of the competition and make the most out of the lucrative market, a business needs to keep abreast with the latest trends in customer service. The customer service team needs to be aware of the practices that are being loved by the customers.


In fact, it has become more important than ever to employ a customer centric approach as the customers have grown smarter and more impatient today! The only way to keep them happy is to make it convenient for them to get what they want in the shortest possible time! That’s exactly what self service tools can help with!


Now, the question is- how can that be provided?


There are a number of ways of doing that. You can do that through:

Live chat:

Offer a live chat service on the most important pages of your website. It enables your customers to get their queries resolved as and when they arise. Live chat will not only help resolve queries but will also prevent visitors from abandoning the website and move further down the sales funnel while they are in the purchasing process.


When you own a business, there are instances where customers come up with queries every now and then. Most often they come up with almost similar queries. It becomes too monotonous for the customer service reps to address the same concerns over and over again. This further affects their productivity. That’s where FAQ pages help. All the frequently asked question along with their answers can be put up on the website. Whenever a customer comes up with any such query, he can simply be directed to those pages.

Knowledge base:

A powerful knowledge base not only helps educate the customers but also makes it convenient for the chat agents to handle the customers. In order to build a knowledge base, the agents are required to note down what they did to solve an issue when a new issue popped up. The other representatives as well as the customers can then refer to that particular section in the knowledge base to get a similar query resolved.


Convincing enough, isn’t it? So, when do you plan to put up a self service portal on your business website?


Source : Live Chat Agent

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