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That's how you put up a powerful knowledge base for your customers!

A knowledge base on your website is a boon for your support agents and customers alike.


You ask us how?


Well, it’s no brainer that the customer service reps have to deal with a lot of queries throughout the day. Also, of all the queries that they have to face, most are simple and repetitive. The time wasted in helping all the customers with similar (and simpler) issues can effectively be used to address more critical issues. That’s what a knowledge source can help with.


This implies, having an effective knowledge base is quite inevitable! Here’s how you can do that.


Get rid of the FAQs first:

Customers today, prefer solving their queries on their own. So, it becomes your duty to empower them to do so. Putting up a knowledge base can help them with the same. All you need to do is get together with your support team and tackle the most frequently asked questions at first. Now, the customers can simply go through your master list of most common support queries before initiating a chat or making a phone call.

Leverage email templates:

An email template is a great way of enabling your live chat agents to use professional answers. Moreover, these templates help ensure the consistency of your knowledge base in every possible manner.

Include graphics in the knowledge base:

There’s no hard and fast rule that a knowledge base just has to be a collection of informative texts arranged as chunks of data. You can make it more interesting by including graphics and videos. These visuals can actually make the it a lot more enticing and expressive.

Integrate it with other tools:

Consider integrating the knowledge source with tools such as Google Analytics, AddThis, Disqus, and other marketing and sales driving tools. This integration adds up to the power of your effective knowledge base.

Keep it updated:

Just creating a solid knowledge base and providing it to the customers is not enough. It needs to be checked and updated on a regular basis. Employees can continuously check it, review information and correct any mistakes. They can add feedback and update the content so as to keep it in a useful state.


Hope you are convinced about having a solid knowledge base on your site now!


Source : Live Chat Agent

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