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Hiring live chat agents: The best tips and tricks to do it the right way!

Hiring live chat agents is so simple!

Do you feel the same?

If yes, then you are mistaken! Choosing a live chat agent for your company is not just putting a candidate through a writing test and a typing test. It’s a lot more than that!


That’s because your live chat agents represent your business. The way they interact with your customers, assist in query resolution, guide them through the purchase process, clarify their doubts and help in making decisions determines how customers perceive your business!


In simple words, the reputation of your business does not entirely depend upon your products and services. The live chat agents representing your brand are equally responsible. So, here are some tips to help you hire the correct candidates.

Evaluate data entry skills:

As mentioned earlier, a live chat agent is not just meant to send replies over a chat portal. A live chat support requires much more than this. It includes inputting customer account numbers, personal details and other important information into a database whilst maintaining a friendly transaction. It’s imperative that you hire a candidate who has good data entry skills so that the customers do not have to suffer due to incorrect data submission.

Assess technical knowledge:

When it comes to technical knowledge in customer service, it’s not just about the ability to type quickly and accurately. It expands further to the understanding of office software used to maintain a customer database. Consider assessing the candidates capability of understanding and being comfortable with such computer interfaces and web services.

Ask the candidate to review past chat transcripts:

Asking the applicant to give a feedback on some of the past chat transcripts will not only help help screen that particular candidate, it will also help the current chat agents to review chats. You can select such chat transcripts that include some strengths and weaknesses of the chat agents. See, if the candidate is able to figure out the strong and the weak points.

Check for team-working capabilities:

As a matter of fact, team working is the one of the inevitable qualities required for working in the customer service domain. So, in order to assure a smooth functioning of your customer support team, it’s important that you choose candidates who simply fit in these requirements.

Look for multitasking capabilities:

Live chat agents may have to assist multiple customers at once. In such cases, the candidates who are easily distracted and incapable of multitasking would not be able to provide an effective customer support. So, it’s advisable to choose the candidates who have the ability to give each customer an equal amount of consideration.


The candidates who fulfil all the above requirements are the best ones. They are the ones capable of being impeccable live chat agents!


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