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Exceptional customer service: Here's how you can go that extra mile!

What’s an exceptional customer service?

It’s that smile on your customer’s face when he/ she receives what he actually asked for. It’s all about those brand mentions that your happy customers willingly make on social platforms. It’s the WOM that drives in new customers.

In other words, when you go that extra mile for your customers, they obviously feel valued and wish to appreciate your efforts. And they do it through brand loyalty, WOM marketing and so on.

But how do you push your limits to make all that happen? Read on to know.


Deliver more than you promise:

It’s far better to under- promise and surprise your customers rather than over promising and disappointing them. Ensure that you never make a promise that you can’t keep because when you fail to keep your promises, you unknowingly push your customers towards your competitors. So, strive hard to provide an exceptional customer service by under promising and over-delivering.

Be proactive about your relationship:

Being there for your customers whenever they need you is one thing and reaching out to them when they don’t need you is another. It’s your responsibility to stay in touch and the best way to do this is to pick some random customers to check in with each day. Maintain a list of people whom you’ve reached so that you do not end up being a headache for them!

Do whatever you can:

Customer service is all about placing your customers’ requirements above everything else. So, you should strive to do whatever you can to resolve their problems make it right with them. Also, make sure that you give your staff permission and encourage them to do the same.

Ensure that your customers are satisfied:

Your job isn’t over once you deliver exactly what your customers ordered. You further need to ensure that the they are satisfied with what they’ve received. The best way to do this is to set up automatic emails to be sent after a week or so asking if the products reached and the customers are contented. Alternatively, you can make it easy for them to reach out to you and share their concerns and reviews.

Be creative about keeping in touch:

Apart from ensuring that the customers are satisfied with your products and services, you should be working on finding out creative ways to keep in touch with them. So, it’s advisable to send a newsletter every 3 months with the latest happenings in your business. Keep all your clients updated about your latest business plans and ideas.

Offer promotional gifts:

Who doesn’t like presents? Moreover, when it comes to customer service, a token of appreciation is what makes it an exceptional customer service. Consider sending freebies like coffee mugs, handwritten thank you notes and other such stuff that your customers would love. You can even delight them with special customer loyalty discounts, VIP schemes, promotions and so on.

Take it a step further:

Well, this one is quite a bit too much but that’s how it works. Making your customers feel special is all that it takes to win them for life. Go on and invite your best customers for breakfast or lunch. This will help strengthen your relationship to a great extent.

Are you ready to take that first step towards providing an exceptional customer service that your customers would remember for life?


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