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A business that values its customers is very well aware of the significance of customer experience. Every department of such a business strives hard to provide the best experience to all its customers so as to gain a loyal customer base.

Is your business too focused on your customers? If that’s the case, here’s a list of the latest CX tends that you need to consider so as to retain your customers in 2018!

Hybrid speech recognition system:

Though there’s nothing new about voice recognition. Almost everyone is aware of the voice recognition support used by Apple, Google, Amazon and so on! So what’s it that’s going to make any difference in 2018?

The current technology faces a lotof hurdles like soft spoken customers, unclear commands,  varied accents etc. All these factors simply befuddle a speech recognition system, cause service issues that a bot cannot take care of and eventually lead to a bad customer experience.

Do you know whose here to act as the best solution to all these problems?

The all new “hybrid speech recognition system”. The amazing technology effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the earlier one and helps the live staff develop satisfying two-way conversations.

Beacon technology:

Wondering what on earth do I mean by “Beacon technology?

Well, it’s simply a variation of Bluetooth that enables your mobile device to alert downloaded applications when you move into a certain area.

The physical stores already use the technology to track customers in real-time, and then push timely, personalized messages and content to them. Not only the retail sector but also the travel industry has been leveraging the technology for quite sometime now. For instance, airlines use beacons to improve their interactions with passengers in airports.

The technology is spreading its roots into other industries at a fast pace. It’ll soon reach out to number of other sectors, benefiting the businesses involved like never before.


Just like the speech recognition system, there’s nothing new in personalization. The only thing that’ll make all the difference in the coming year increasing hunger for more personalized brand interactions.

Customers today, expect a personal touch in every interaction they have with a business. They expect to be treated as individuals with specific preferences. So, the trend of personalization is only gpoing to grow stronger and take the customer experience levels to an entirely new level.


Internet of Things is slowly and steadily gaining recognition in the customer support industry.

IoT, basically refers to a large number of connected channels. Thius further implies more opportunities to collect data, eventually leading to improved brand interactions.

As per the latest customer experience trends, IoT is going to be a major game changer in 2018!

Omnichannel customer experience:

Customers today are more particular than ever aboout their convenience. They expect a problem resolution on the same channel throough which they reach out to the businesss.As a result, the businesses today, are supporting an average of nine customer contact channels to deliver a multichannel experience.

According to the latest customer experience trends, this number will increase to 11 in the coming future and the busineses will have to struive hard to provide a seamless experience across all these chanels.

If you wish to kep your customers by your side in the coming year and thereafter, abide by these latest CX trends!

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