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In today’s era, when we talk about customer centricity, it’s no more just limited to knowing the hidden requirements of the customers and keeping up with their expectations. It is more about a business empowering the customers and what better way to do that other than educating them?

Now the question is- how can that be done effectively?

Well, there are a number of tried and tested ways to do that. Read on to discover.



So far you must have heard of the benefits of having a website and blog for business growth. Though it’s a good idea to keep in touch with your customers through these touchpoints, it’s not enough.

You need to take customer empowerment to the next level by leveraging the power of video content. It’s a no-brainer that videos are all the rage today. So, you can use the same to educate your customers through video tutorials and product demos.  Such type of content enables you to explain the unique features of your products and services.  

Apart from enlightening the customers, these media tactics also help in increasing employee engagement and employee buy in regards to company culture.

Live chat:

You must be wondering- How can a support tool be used to educate the customers, right?

Well, all I can say, live chat has the potential to surprise you each time you think “So, that’s all a live chat support can do”.

This amazing customer support tool can help educate and your consumer in real-time. Features such as real-time video chat, text chat, and screen share make it much easier for your team to convince and provide data and information to your consumers.

Whenever customers reach out to your support team with a confusion or queries, the live chat agents can help them out and go ahead with the transaction.

Online manuals:

Customers today prefer helping themselves and solving their problems on their own.

So, why not help them out with the same?

A robust online manual is exactly what can serve this purpose. Putting up an informative manual that covers each and every bit of information related o your business can help the customers to dig into the topics of their interest.

All that you need to ensure while creating an online manual for your business is:

i) It is detailed so that the customers can easily find the answers to any question they may have.

ii) Just in case the manual requires an assembly, the assembly instructions are included and are easy to follow.

Product reviews:

Product reviews are the greatest source of WOM marketing for a business. They not only help build credibility but also help educate your customers.

As a matter of fact, showcasing both positive and negative reviews help your potential customers to learn about the products and service. They further ease down the purchasing decision-making process for the customers.

Customers today, may or may not believe what you have to say about your business, but they do listen to each other. So, ensure that you showcase honest customer reviews, testimonials and other social proofs that you can easily arrange.

Lastly, ensure that you provide as many communication channels to your customers as you can. Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you and clear their confusions no matter at what stage they are in the sales funnel. Make it your priority to enlighten them, wherever and whenever possible!

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