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Social media has been a rage, ever since its introduction. Businesses encounter and follow a number of trends each year so as to communicate with their customers in the best possible manner. As 2017 comes to an end, the social media platforms will create some more disruption. The reason being a number of new technological advancements that are sure to go mainstream. Since it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest trends, let’s have a look at the SMM trends that are going to big in 2018.


A personalized shopping experience on messaging platforms:

Why messaging?

That’s what you may be thinking, right?

Well, according to the statistics, around 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms globally. This ever-growing fondness for the mobile technology is will drive the businesses towards the messaging platforms in an attempt to communicate with their customers in a much better way.

In 2018, Artificial intelligence, voice assistants, and chatbots will come together and enable the business to offer personalized shopping experiences on messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Influencer marketing will be all the rage:

Influencer marketing is going to be the next big thing for the businesses in 2018.

Celebrities, political leaders and other people with authority, ability, or platform to influence a definite audience will continue to be an asset to the brands worldwide.

Influencer marketing will not only be limited to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts. It is believed to team up with video marketing trends so as to provide the best results. YouTubers will continue to form one of the most powerful influencer networks in the social media world.

Chatbots will take customer service a step further:

Customer service has always been the most important concern for the businesses worldwide.

The reason?

It’s the customers that decide whether a business goes further or get burnt and buried down right where it started!

According to the latest SMM trends, chatbots are sure to dominate customer service in 2018. Chatbots like the ones that Facebook Messenger offers are efficient enough to interact quickly with a business’s audience in a way that feels personal. Also, since the customers today are in awe of personalization, the bot trend for customer service is the need of the hour as it enables the brands to send personalized content directly to users.

Quality and user-generated content:

So far you must have heard- Content is the king!

Do you know what the latest quote goes like?

Well, it suggests- Personalized and quality content is the king!

Sharing personalized or user-generated content is yet another powerful SMM trend for the coming year. Brands are using such content to better engage their followers.

In addition to personalization of the content, focusing on the quality instead of quantity is something that’ll benefit the businesses in the upcoming year. This SMM trend is sure to pay off big time in awareness and sales to all the businesses in 2018 and thereafter.

Ephermal content will continue to be loved by all:

All of us are familiar with Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram stories that get lost in 24 hours. That’s what we call ephemeral content. Such type of content is yet another SMM trend that’s going to make it big in the upcoming year.

Ephermal content allows the businesses to be more authentic and display high-quality content and stories for more real-time content. Since the content is lost within hours so it creates a sense of urgency. As a result, the followers take fast action and marketers gain from it and that’s what makes it a new favorite for all the businesses.

Now that you know the most influential SMM trends of 2018, try focusing on them more than anything else!

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