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Why customer appreciation?

Well, according to a research, a customer appreciation strategy influences customer loyalty and advocacy, which in turn led to boosted sales growth. So, why not leverage its benefits? Here are the best customer appreciation strategies that can help benefit your business to a large extent:

Celebrate milestones:

Make it a point to collect information about your customers as you build relationships with them. This information can be leveraged to make them feel special and valued. You can actually send special offers on their birthdays, or on the anniversary that they signed up for your business loyalty program. This would help you show customer appreciation by instilling a sense of belongingness.

Offer a free month of your product/ service:

The best way of showing customer appreciation is providing a free month for your product or service. After all who doesn’t love free stuff? Doing so will help keep your customers happy and help convince customers who would otherwise be discontinuing your services soon.

Show off a bit of your expertise:

Customers who avail your services and are familiar with your products, rely on you for knowledge related to your niche. Therefore, communicating with them and showing off a bit of your expertise can help you show customer appreciation. It can further help get you noticed and provide a greater exposure to your business. Whether you provide the required information through an email newsletter, a blog, via Facebook or Twitter, or in person, customers love to learn useful information about what they’re spending on.

Offer an upgrade:

Offering an upgrade is yet another powerful strategy for customer appreciation. You can offer an upgrade in any form such as a better version of some service that you offer to your customers or a deeper discount on any item that’s already on discount.

Feature customers online or in- store:

What can be a better way of customer appreciation than acknowledging their efforts on social media? You can pick a “Fan of the Week” and feature a quick Q & A with them, or share their inspiring stories. In the case of physical stores, you can pick a customer at random every week, snap their picture and hang it on a special bulletin board so as to make them the “Customer of the Week”.

The VIP effect:

In case you have a physical store, you can consider providing an early VIP-only access to your latest product. You can entertain customers with live music or provide complimentary drinks or other treats. On the other hand, if you only serve online, you can give them access to an exclusive online sale or surprise them with a gift card to a local restaurant. This customer appreciation strategy is highly effective and helps build loyal customers.

Employ these tactics and let your customers know how much they are valued!

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