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A quality customer service is the biggest differentiating factor for any business in today’s era. The better the quality of your business service, the more successful your business.

But are you aware of all the factors that make a customer service a “quality customer service”?

Well, if you are not quite sure, here’s a list of the keys to a great customer service in the upcoming year!

Open all communication channels:

Customer service is all about being there for your customers when they need you.

The basic idea of providing customer service, whether it be through live chat, email, SMS or social media, is to make the customers feel as if they are valued. Your customer support team should be able to guide your customers through the checkout process just like the sales rep would answer their questions in a bricks and mortar shop.

According to a research conducted by eMarketer around 62 percent of site visitors who participated in a live chat reported being more interested in purchasing from the site again. On the other hand, 38 percent of individuals actually made their purchase due to the chat session itself!

So, now you see what a live chat assistance can do for your online business?Not just live chat, whatever channel the customers prefer to reach out to you, make sure you are present there. This makes it convenient for the customers to get all their queries resolved in real-time.

Train your customer support agents appropriately:

Your customer support team should be well-informed about your business,.

You ask us why?

Well, that’s because the basics of your business are already there on your flashcards, website and knowledge base. Customers often reach out to the customer support to get in-depth knowledge about topics of their interest. They may come up with issues that may not be mentioned in the FAQs or knowledge base.

So, it’s imperative that you train your customer support team so well that they know your brand, business, and activities thoroughly. This would help them to answer questions and add value to your operation in an effective manner.

Curb the bad buzz:

A bad customer service can cost you more than you can imagine.

With a majority of the customers being present on one or the other social media platforms, there is a high probability of them sharing their experiences with their social buddies. Where an appreciation may go a long way for your brand, a negative review may simply mar your brand reputation.

Today, customers are fast enough in expressing their discontent loudly and clearly on social networks. Well, you need not panic when such a mishap takes place. You can instead turn it around to your advantage.

Wondering how?

Simply admit tour mistake and go above and beyond to make it up to customers, with a voucher, free shipping etc. This may not only set things right for you, it may even help win that customer for life!

Always be ready for improvements:

No matter how great a service you provide to your customers, you’ll always have some of those dissatisfied customers.

What can be done in such a situation?

Well, the best solution to this problem is to let your customers voice their opinion. No matter however you enable them to do so, just make sure that you leverage the feedback hence acquired to dig deeper into customers’ needs and expectations.

Try and discover why an individual gave low marks regarding your customer service. Once you’ve known the reason, make all the necessary improvements so as to eradicate the weak areas in your business. This will not only help- eradicate the current problems but also help offer superior service in the future so you can retain more customers.

Keep these important keys in mind and extend a quality customer service so as to retain more and more customers in the upcoming year!

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