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Gone are the days when a customer relationship management system used to be a mere record of customer interaction. There is much more to a CRM today!

Customer relationship management has morphed into a broader spectrum of customer experience these days which makes it imperative for the businesses to pay special attention to their customer relationship management systems.

The reason?

Well, an efficient CRM means an exceptional customer experience which further means stronger relationships and hence a successful business! Let’s have a look at the latest advancements in CRM systems that the businesses today need to keep up with so as to stay ahead of the competition in 2018!

Elimination of manual labor: 

The year 2018 will see an elimination of manual labor.

The reason?

Businesses are evolving and manual labor is more of a hindrance than an asset for them today. So, according to the latest trends, customer relationship management systems will start adjusting workflows. Machine learning and AI will come together so as to automate the workflow, reduce the manual work and hence increase efficiency.

AR experimentation:

According to the latest CRM trends, the sales departments will experiment with AR so as to see what works the best for them.

Trends suggest that marketers will leverage the technology to enhance their marketing campaigns. AR will enable them to preview designs or layouts of huge items like furniture, property etc. before a purchase is made, thus benefiting a business in materialistic and non-materialistic ways.

CRM will enhance the work-life balance:

Apart from strengthening the customer and business relationships, customer relationship management systems will have another role to play.

Wondering what?

Well, they’ll help employees and employers move to more effective ways of telecommuting. All thanks to the mobile and collaboration tools.

Personalization will get deeper: 

Personalization is something that the customers are loving today.

That’s the reason CRM makers have taken it so seriously that it will show on the websites’ landing pages in the upcoming year!

Yes, that’s true!

The landing pages will essentially be built dynamically for each contact. As a result, the customers will engage with brands directly. They’ll not have to go through endless screens and prompts to get what they need.

Social selling will be big:

Social selling is surely going to be the next big thing in 2018!

SMM is going to be intense. It’s going to play a major role in analyzing millions of social posts in a business’s so as to identify what’s being loved by its target audience.

The biggest example of CRM and social media integration businesses will leverage for social selling is LinkedIn and Microsoft CRM integration. It is said to bring a business’s LinkedIn leads into its CRM and help create the most accurate buying personas. The integration will ultimately help to strategically nurture prospects with the right message.

These are the CRM trends that are going to make it big in the upcoming year and the ones that the businesses should start following asap!

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