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AI-powered customer service has changed the way customers look at a business’s support facilities. The technology has enabled the companies to gain a significant advantage by augmenting human expertise to help unlock new intelligence from data and use it to develop predictive insight.

With the numerous advantages that AI provides to a business, it is being speculated that AI-powered customer service is the ultimate future. Here’s why: 

It helps brands save millions:

Earlier brands used to depend upon call support to resolve their customers’ issues. However, today, they can simply replace phone calls, IVRs or endless hold music with messaging. Brands can further use chatbots and AI within that messaging conversation to address repetitive queries.

The best part? AI help brands save millions on hiring but also eliminates the need to train the bots like the human agents due to their ability to reason and learn from old and new data.

Time zones cannot limit the efficiency of automated customer service:

Time zone or public holidays are not a hindrance when it comes to the AI-powered automated customer service.

The result?

The organizations can easily provide a 24/7/365 service. This further means the customers can have all their queries resolved in real-time no matter whenever they arise and wherever the customer himself/herself is at that particular point in time.

This further implies that the customers do not have to wait hours or even days for a response hence resulting in a higher customer satisfaction.

Consumers today prefer messaging:

With the entire world moving towards mobile technology, the future of customer care is all about convenience in today’s era.

What do you think is the best way to offer convenience to the customers?

Well, its messaging!

In fact, according to a research, 70% of today’s consumers prefer messaging to voice calls for customer support. That’s because they mostly carry their mobile devices along with them. This makes it easy for them to drop a text message as and when required. Moreover, it helps keeps a record of their conversations, thus facilitating the conversations between the customers and the customer support teams.

Enables organizations to scale their customer service:

The organizations around the globe can easily scale their customer service at an unprecedented speed with the aid of AI-powered automated customer service.

Limited resources are not an issue when AI  empowers the customer service. That’s because businesses can simply reduce the human intervention to a large extent by releasing interactive FAQs.

Speeds up issue resolution:

When the customer service is automated, the speed of issue resolution is automatically increased. This further enhances the service satisfaction levels.

Do you know the reason behind the unmatched speed of query resolutions?

Well, it is the fact that the chatbots are not limited by typing or research speeds. Moreover, the online FAQ content eliminates any repetitive queries thus freeing the customer support agents to resolve more complex issues.

When AI is empowering support teams with more information the teams will ultimately spend more time on proactive outreach and hence provide an exceptional customer service.

Hope now you have a clear idea as to why AI-powered customer service is the next big thing, don’t you?

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