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Does your online store seem to be plateauing?

Has your revenue begun to look the same every month?

Have all your efforts to outwit Google and crack its ever-changing search algorithm been rendered futile?

Do you feel all the money that you used to drive traffic in an attempt to increase your average order value has been wasted?

Well, if that’s the case, you surely need something much more than all that you did to profit your business. You need these tips and tricks:


Use your homepage to offer free shipping threshold:

As a matter of fact, your website’s home page is the best place to display all your click baits and funnel traffic to specific categories or products. All you have to do is, use a price threshold as a hook for all the offers that you plan to display to shoppers.

Incentivize the current purchase:

This is one of the best ways to increase the average order value for your business. This is a sure-shot way of making sure that your customers will return back.

You just need to give away something enticing whenever a customer purchases something from you. You can either give them reward points through a loyalty card, gift vouchers or a cashback offer. The basic idea is to entice the customer to come back to shop again by giving them something that is redeemable on their next purchase of a minimum order value.

Leverage browsing history to offer product recommendations:

So far, you must have heard of personalization through email or live chat support. What if I say, you can practice it through browsing history as well?

Well, yes! You can actually do that by displaying the ‘products you recently viewed’ or ‘recently viewed’ browsing history on category pages. This not only helps make the customers make the final purchase decisions, it further helps increase the average order value.

Give complimentary product suggestions on the checkout page:

Alternatively, you can even suggest products that pair well with the item in the user’s cart.

And you know what’s the best place to do that?

The checkout page! That’s where your add-ons will have the maximum probability of being purchased.

Try these clever average order value-boosting hacks and see the difference in the business growth yourself!


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