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As a business, taking care of your customers' requirements and striving hard to enhance the customer experience is a great idea. Further, providing an amazing live chat support so that they can reach out to you in case of queries is a commendable move. 

A live chat software ensures an enhanced customer service, boosted sales and higher customer satisfaction. But that's just one side of the coin. What if your live chat agents are not trained enough to provide the desired support? What if they are committing certain mistakes that are simply screwing up your live chat support?

Well, is that's the case, your live chat support would not contribute to revenue growth but simply drive your customers away. Let's have a look at the silliest live chat mistakes that may cost your business a lot:

Concentrating only on reactive approach:

A reactive approach is the one where the website visitor or the customer is supposed to initiate a chat. Now, if you are only waiting for the customers to initiate a contact with you, you are probably missing on a number of sales opportunities.

What opportunities, you ask?

Well, these are the opportunities in the form of the customers who do not like to engage. In such cases, you need to leverage the proactive approach. So, it's imperative that the live chat agents make use of real-time visitor monitoring to capture the right moment to offer help. Targeted invitations are far better when trying to provide an exceptional customer service.  

Misusing the co-browsing feature:

It's a no-brainer that we, the humans, are visual learners. So, a co-browsing feature that helps the live chat agents and customers to navigate through the desired web pages at the same time from two different locations, is no less than a boon. It's a great tool for guiding the visitors through the website.

But there's a condition!

As a live chat agent, you should first ask the visitors' permission to redirect their screen to a new page. That's important because if you don't do that it may simply be frustrating for your visitors. There's a possibility that they may be doing something really important and unexpectedly navigating them away from that webpage could simply piss them off!


Taking customer feedback for granted:

The most successful businesses around the globe very well realize that customer feedback is a boon. No matter positive or negative, it's a gift to any business. So, it's imperative that it is treated like an important entity.

Live chat agents may be encountering a lot of queries on a daily basis. Customers may be frequently asking for a new payment or shipping method. Here, it becomes the duty of the live chat agents to note down every valuable feedback. This feedback can further help in enhancing the customer experience like nothing else. 

Make sure that your chat team is not making any of the mistakes listed above if you really want to win your customers for life!


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