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Whether you’re a web- hosting company or an online store, in any case, you probably had to face circumstances where somebody else tries to gain access to an account they don’t possess. Exploiters use influence and social engineering to talk their way into acquiring someone else credentials. Live Chat features help in expanding the security and ensure that only authentic account owners get access to them. 

Double checking client information- When dealing with confidential account information, first thing is to check the customer’s location. This way, you can see if the inquiry is absolute or not. You can monitor the geo-location data with Live Chat for every customer that comes to your website in the visitor information section in the Live Chat

LiveChat offers CRM integration. It helps in expanding the security and other benefits from having a simple access to customer information in LiveChat.

Moreover, you can utilize pre-surveys as a surplus validation step. You can request your visitors to provide their last order number and check it against your CRM data.

Sneak peek- Another useful feature to determine if somebody’s faking it, is the message sneak-peek function. Using this feature, you can take a peek into the visitor’s mind by perceiving how they shape their message. If you notice that they modify and ‘craft’ their response to achieve certain outcomes, be cautious and make more inquiries to verify them. Jonathan Yarbor, CTO of NodeCraft Hosting, uses both message sneak-peek and geo-location data to ensure that nobody unauthorized accesses the accounts of NodeCraft’s customers.

Both of these tools enable you to spot and stop the deceitful attack dead in their tracks.

These are the points you should remember:

  1. Store client data utilizing CRM. At the point when the client returns, you can check their geo-location data against the stored information to verify the customer.
  2. At the point where locations don’t coordinate, you can follow up with extra inquiries to determine whether the visitor is coming clean.
  3. Message sneak-peek will enable you to check whether the visitor is attempting to avoid your questions by altering their answers.


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