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Canned messages are pre-defined answers to frequently asked questions from clients. Many companies see canned messages as an approach to propel customer service efficiency because customer representatives don’t have to type long custom messages for example step by step instructions. That is specifically true under live chat scenario where an agent is probably chatting with multiple customers at the same time.

However, some awful customer service experiences come exactly from these scripted messages. Things can be worse if the messages cannot tackle the customers’ issues and they feel that you are only buying time. After all, problem-solving is the priority goal of customer service.

Take all the advantages of canned messages while ditching the disadvantages. Here are some tips for you to help you out in doing the same.

Always Categorize

There are plenty of situations where canned messages are often used, such as greetings, product information, discount inquiry and technical support. There can be many products and promotional campaigns going on at the very moment, meaning you have to create way too many canned messages. You have to find them before using.

The easiest way to organize these messages is by category. Always keep in mind the reason to use canned messages is that they can speed you up during the conversation with customers.

Make Them Personal

Customers cherish personalized services. The greatest inconvenience that canned messages bring is the robotic feeling they might cause to customers, which is precisely the opposite of personalization.

Answer Customers’ Questions

Customers come to you for a reason. They have questions to ask and problems to solve, which is the primary work of every customer agent.

Agents create canned messages based on business scenarios such as greetings, cancellation, hold on and an apology. There is a customer survey about the worst customer service ever received.

Be Brief and To the Point

Customers come to get their questions answered and queries solved. And they need a direct and to the point answers instead of an ocean of information.

Keep Refreshing the Canned Messages

Every customer support team has its own specific way to enhance their service quality. As with all quality-based initiatives, the one on enhancing the client’s experience is a constant one. The same rule applies to canned messages. So the best way to keep your canned messages efficient is to refresh them as often as possible.



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