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Customer support agents form the backbone of the customer service that you provide to your customers, so, it’s imperative that you prepare them in the most appropriate manner. Here are the best tips to make your support agents more productive and yield the best results through your customer service:

Provide effective customer service tools:

Your customer service department should be well equipped with the best customer service tools so that your support agents can implement everything that they have been trained for. These tools are crucial for customer satisfaction as they increase the speed of response.

Educate them about your products:

Your support agents need to have a thorough knowledge of your company’s products or services. It enables them to handle inquiries and requests for support in an efficacious manner. In addition to this, make sure that when the products and services are upgraded, you advise your chat agents. Also, make it a point to upgrade knowledge bases and directories and let your chat agents know about the same.

Empower them:

Having a strong knowledge base and upgrading it from time to time is not enough. You need to empower your customer support agents by providing them a way to access all this knowledge, expertise and experience. This further requires a company-wide collaboration platform. The best practice is to integrate these knowledge bases with your customer service console and then model them on social media as well.

Make use of secret evaluations:

Apart from holding consistent training sessions, you should also consider making use of secret evaluations. This helps make your support agents more productive and eventually increases the quality of customer support over time. A secret evaluation aims at performing the chat without the agent having knowledge of its purpose. It eventually helps in preparing them for the worst-case scenarios.

Employ these strategies and see a significant boost in your chat support team’s productivity over time!


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